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Find who you are, where you want to go and how to get there through a series of meaningful questions, stories, and tasks.

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Facilitated by Nihal Ahmed,
Global Educator, Experience Designer and Founder of Limitless Institute

I help you discover your purpose, become future-ready & bring your ideas to life.

How is this different?

My approach to Ikigai is tie it back to its original narrative – that help you understand patterns, give your life meaning and purpose but by embedding into our everyday. Using questions that evoke discovery, stories that bring clarity and using habits and rituals, help you with your day-to-day living of your values, joys, wellbeing structures and joys. 


​​As I describe Ikigai is not something to find but patterns to discover and something to live by day to day. Something that can help them discover and embrace their true-self. 

What will you get?

Your personal coach to help you get out of rut.

Energy to devote to passion projects and things you enjoy doing.

Meaningful relationships with your close ones, co-workers and acquintances.

Clarity for the places you are stuck and how to get unstuck in the future

A work life balance that gives equal attention to work and play.


A more impactful life!

All proceeds go to Palna, a program run for abandoned, homeless and destitute children by the Delhi Council for Child Welfare.