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Discover who you are, where you want to go,

and how to get there through coaching powered by powerful questions, stories, processes, habits and rituals.

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Facilitated by Nihal Ahmed,
Global Educator, Experience Designer, and Founder of Limitless Institute

I help you discover your purpose, become future-ready & bring your ideas to life.

How is this different?

My approach is to use questions that evoke discovery, stories that bring clarity, simple processes, habits and rituals to understand patterns about your life, find clarity and drive, and take action. We make it simple, tiny, and embed these our everyday. 

Ikigai is not something to find but patterns to discover and something to live by day after day - that can help you discover and embrace your true self. 


Discover your passions and purpose and build a detailed plan to live a passionate life.

A step-by-step guide to bringing a passion project to life.

Build meaningful relationships with people that last & communicate your needs well.

Feel in control by building an air-tight plan, support systems & organize yourself to take on anything.

Reduce uncertainty about your future, feel unstuck, and operate with clarity. 

Build habits and rituals that help you live an impactful and meaningful life one day at a time. 

We send our proceeds to Palna, a program run for abandoned, homeless, and destitute children.

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