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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in each set?

Each Ikiguide Set comes with a card deck of 50 question cards, an onboarding set with ways of using it.

How did these cards come to be?

We’ve spent ten years addressing the problem of self-discovery and realized that behind every insight was a powerful question. So, we started to test out questions in workshops around the world.

Each of the 50 cards in the deck has been created after years of research, brainstorming, multiple iterations, and testing. The final cards were selected based on their ability to move people from inertia to action, inspiring stories, create a sense of connectedness, and leave you with clarity. We are confident that each card will add more clarity and connection to your life.


What does each card have?

Each card has two sets of questions on it - one broader question explaining the theme of the card, and a set of questions for deeper reflection and tasks to do.


How can I use it by myself?

  1. Write down simple keywords and phrases that come to your mind.

  2. Make mind-maps of all answers as they emerge.

  3. Free-writing: Write continuously for two minutes for each card.

  4. Doodle your thoughts.

  5. Take them on your morning walk or think about them during your commute.

  6. Ask a friend or a loved one to interview you on these questions and return the favor. Make it a habit to answer just four cards each day.

  7. Use one of our worksheets to fill in your answers.

Who can use it?

Our cards are universal. Anyone over 13 can use it. Whether you are:

  • a student trying to choose from a whirlwind of opportunities,

  • ​an entrepreneur looking for leverage, or an experienced professional wanting to shift gears purposefully.

  • a senior who is looking to build a legacy. 

    And anyone:
    whose life is at a crossroads and is looking for their next meaningful step
    who loves what they do, but struggle to find work-life balance
    who feels off-center in some parts of their life (connection, growth, uncertainty, significance, etc.) 
    doing work, they don’t connect with.

How do I use this with others?

  • Partner/Spouse: Whether for your first date, getting to know them better, rebuild a deeper connection, or an anniversary or a key moment, you will learn someone new about them.

  • Family: Family dinners, reunions, festivals, and family trips will help you bond with them.

Friends: Road-trips, lazy evenings, dinner parties, or everyday rituals, it is always a good time to start a meaningful conversation that will create a deeper bond with friends old and new.

Team/Co-workers – Move away from shallow superficial conversations and learn what excites your team, and help make work more meaningful for them.


How often can I use them?

Use them daily as a companion towards clarity, weekly or at any pace that is comfortable to you.


Where do you ship to?

We offer free shipping all over India, but we have WORLDWIDE shipping!

Please note: International shipping is expensive at the moment but we are negotiations to bring these rates down. Bulk orders are recommended.

How long will the deck take to reach me?

India: Shipping takes between 3-4 days, so you should expect your set within a week.

If you are living outside India, reach out us for an ETA for your location.


Who illustrated these cards?

The wonderful Gargi Chandola from The Post Art Project.

Is Ikiguide available in other languages?

Only English at the moment, but soon in Spanish.

How durable are they?

Our high-quality thermal laminated cards are waterproof. We’re working to make them even better in our next run.


Can I feature Ikiguide on my media network or social channels?

Yes, please. We want Ikiguide to reach more people. Please reach out at


Can I get a discount on bulk orders?

Definitely! Please reach us at

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