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Find Your Ikiguide Workshops

Is your life at a crossroads? Are you looking for clarity? What is your next meaningful step? 
Ikiguide is a self-discovery and purpose-finding experience facilitated by Nihal Ahmed, a global educator and experience designer. The workshop will bring you clarity on who you are, where you want to go and how to get there through a series of meaningful questions, stories, and tasks.

Workshop Chapters

What you're good at

What you love

Who you truly are

What is your purpose

Life Manifesto - Design your life


Key Takeaways

Plan your growth and leadership journey.

Build a purposeful organization. 

Build a life-plan to manage your time and energy. 

Build a life manifesto.

Create better work-life balance, be energized and build meaningful relationships


"The hidden pedagogy of this experience allowed for a significant amount of self-reflection, even for a person like me who believes is characteristically self-reflective. It allowed me to break a barrier I didn't know I had.  On a fundamental level it made me add my thoughts together - why am I doing what someone else wants done when I clearly know what I want to do myself?"


FIND YOUR IKIGAI workshops are designed for creators, business leaders, and creative teams, and anyone interested in finding their purpose and clarity on their next meaningful step.


Please send in your enquiries to

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