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Is your life also at a crossroads because of the COVID-19 crisis?

Do you want to channelize your energy to find your next meaningful step?

Are you uncertain about your future in the post-COVID-19 world? 


Use this crisis to: 

  • Explore what excites you

  • Get clarity on your next steps

  • Build meaningful relationships

  • Create a new work-life balance

  • Discover your purpose

What is Ikigai?

Ikigai, a Japanese concept, is a way of life that encompasses purpose, joy, and well-being.


As profound as it sounds, discovering your ikigai is a wonderfully fulfilling journey. 

Begin this journey with Ikiguide - a deeply enriching deck of cards filled with insightful questions and rewarding tasks.


How does it work?

Ikiguide is crafted to help by discovering your true self through 5 ways: 

HEART: What Makes You Tick

MIND: What You Are Good At

SOUL: The Real You

LUNGS: Your Place in a Changing World

HANDS: Taking Your First Step. I

Why Ikiguide?

Each section of the Ikiguide deck is carefully curated with questions and tasks that help you Introspect - look within, and Extrospect - look around, for meaningful answers. 

Answers that carry your Ikigai. 

Ikiguide is NOT meant to be read like a book. It is meant for you to take one card at a time and spend some time introspecting 

Use this self-isolation time to introspect and achieve clarity - let the crisis help steer you towards clarity. Use social distancing to  connect deeper with each other.

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Who Created Ikiguide?

Nihal Ahmed is deeply vested in helping people find their purpose and realize their true potential. In this journey, he’s built board games, conferences, workshops, university courses, and entrepreneurship academies - all aimed at helping thousands of people find and do more meaningful work around the world.

He is the founder of The Limitless Institute and launched one of the first fellowship programs on well-being for RoundGlass.

In creating Ikiguide, Nihal has channeled the core philosophy of Ikigai into a simple deck of cards that can unlock personal epiphanies and pivotal realizations.


"I started the Ikiguide journey in January. I set aside time to work on each card and documented my thoughts and reflections in my journal regularly. What I enjoyed the most was how these cards forced me to reflect on my priorities, my passions and my goals and how to take tangible steps to achieve them. It gave me a sense of clarity and declutter my mind and my physical space. These cards helped me carve out time for myself and the things that I love, make healthy compromises and strike a balance between what I had to do and what I've always wanted to do.

                                                           - Anagha, Educator

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Find your Ikigai!

Order your own deck of Ikiguide cards today!

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