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Thank you for attending our workshop and taking your first step into holistic self-discovery.

We hope you enjoyed our Ikiguide experience. Welcome to the family. 

Here are ways to engage with us:



Order our cards directly from our store and it will reach your home within a week. 

If you're not in a hurry and want a bulk discount, fill up our pre-order form. As soon as we hit 50 orders, we will email you a payment link and have it shipped to your university.


Si no tiene prisa y desea un descuento por volumen, complete nuestro formulario de pedido anticipado. Tan pronto como lleguemos a 100 pedidos, le enviaremos un enlace de pago por correo electrónico y lo enviaremos a su universidad.



Get our e-book on Kindle and start your Ikiguide journey today. 


Obtenga nuestro libro electrónico en Kindle y comience hoy su viaje con Ikiguide.

Schedule a Workshop or Course

We've run our programs for over 10,000 people across six continents. These programs will help you find your purpose, build better work-life balance and bring your passion projects to life. 

Our workshops are 90 minutes long and the courses are six weeks long. These are for 20 participants each. 

Please fill up our form, and as soon as we hit 20 participants, we will send you a payment link and set up a date.

Programe un taller o curso

Hemos dirigido nuestros programas a más de 10.000 personas en seis continentes. Estos programas lo ayudarán a encontrar su propósito, construir un mejor equilibrio entre el trabajo y la vida personal y dar vida a sus proyectos apasionantes.

Nuestros talleres tienen una duración de 90 minutos y los cursos de seis semanas. Estos son para 20 participantes cada uno.


Complete nuestro formulario y, tan pronto como lleguemos a 20 participantes, le enviaremos un enlace de pago y estableceremos una fecha.

Enquiries for Companies & Teams

FIND YOUR IKIGAI workshops are designed for creators, business leaders, and creative teams, and anyone interested in finding their purpose and clarity on their next meaningful step.


Please send in your enquiries to

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